Here at Terry Building Co., you will find our manufacturing results in the highest quality pre-engineered metal buildings on the market. Our team offers leading edge design services and building implementation consummate to that of our customer's needs. We are devoted in our efforts towards quality craftsmanship and strategical speed of both application and completion. Our manufacturing plant located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma provides us with the most modern manufacturing equipment to offer the highest quality and least problematic pre-engineered building systems available. Since 1989, this has been proven with an array of companies and industries to date, being some of the many reasons our customers remain with us for so long.

We look forward to the bright future of our company; it's employees, contractors and consumers. Our obligation to our existing customers and those that will be so in the future, is to provide elite personal relationships that lead to complete satisfaction with your decision to build with Terry Building Co.

Commitment To Quality

Quality assurance is an ongoing process that involves every employee of Terry Building Company, Inc. (TBCI). The responsibility for, and commitment to, a quality policy belongs to everyone in the organization. Management is charged with developing and stating company quality policies that are easily understood and that result in quality products. Management will take all necessary measures to ensure that its quality policies are understood, implemented, and maintained throughout the organization.

TBCI will maintain well documented procedures and controls which will ensure that all activities related to the sale, design, and production of its metal building systems are directed in a manner that results in products conforming to TBCI standard specifications, tolerances, and overall quality criteria.

Management will direct all activities of the organization in a manner that assures the final products meets or exceeds TBCI standard quality requirements and specifications.